Couture Care

When it comes to your couture wear and designer apparel, our most skilled and trained staff members will handle your items. Each item will undergo a thorough pre-inspection to ensure we are providing you the highest quality of care. From delicate items to fine clothing and knitwear, we will hand inspect each piece, from buttons to embellishments, to make sure every stitch is attended to. Once we’ve thoroughly cleaned your couture garment or designer piece at any one of our Miami locations, we will promptly return it to you in spotless condition.

Designer Apparel

It takes a lot of time, effort, and money to look your very best. Both in the business world and in your personal life. Designer apparel is often the core of the wardrobe, with everything else being built from there. Not only are these items delicate, but they are also a large investment. It makes sense to keep them looking the best that they can.

Our designer apparel cleaning services aim to do two primary things: get your clothing as clean as possible while maintaining the integrity of the garments themselves. Our team pays close attention to detail because every detail counts. Whether it’s stain removal, careful pressing, or a simple button replacement, we treat your designer apparel the way you want them to be treated.