Purses, Handbags, and Luggage

The items we carry with us every day are the same items that we use to make first impressions. Unfortunately, they are also the items that see the most wear and tear from daily use. SPOTS puts an emphasis on these items, be they leather or suede purses and handbags, or soft-sided luggage. Not only do we offer cleaning, but we also offer mending and repair.
Make sure the statement that you are making with your accessories is the statement you actually want to make with them. Don’t let everyday use dull their appearance, let SPOTS help them shine.

Shoes and Shoe Shining

You take care of yourself from head to toe, and that includes the shoes you wear. Your feet are what connect you to the world, literally, so your shoes get a lot of mileage. Which means they may need TLC on occasion. We provide high quality shoe shining to help spruce up your shoes and make them look new. We also offer shoe repair and mending, should you need it, to keep you walking in the right direction — in style!

Leather and Suede

Leather is a significant investment. Suede is also a significant investment. They are also, at times, difficult to maintain and keep clean. Even so, the cleaner they are, the longer they last. Our specialists understand this. Addressing spills on these materials is extremely important because, with age, spots become more and more difficult to remove. Extend the life of your leather and suede goods with our specialty cleaning services.

  • Inspection

    Once we receive the item, we do a complete pre-inspection to determine the condition. This includes the type of material, the age, physical damage, and any staining that may be present.

  • Treatment

    Next, we will use specialty cleaning chemicals to help break loose any stubborn stains or spots. During this process, we spend extra time ensuring the item does not lose its original luster or change in appearance too much.

  • Cleaning

    Next comes either a dry or a wet cleaning process to remove soil and any impurities that may be present. We also restore any natural oils or waxes that may have worn off or been removed.

  • Finishing

    After drying, we do another inspection, press, resize, and reshape the item if necessary. Using mild heat and color restoration (if necessary)

  • Repairs

    Any necessary repairs are now made and a thorough post-inspection is done to ensure the job is completed to satisfaction.