Whether you want to freshen up your attire prior to its first wear or remove any accidental spills or stains, we will work diligently to make your wedding day remain a special memory. Whatever your needs, our master dry cleaners will inspect every garment, choose the best cleansing method, and hand-pack garments with the greatest care for future storage.

Bridal Wear

Everyone knows the focal point of the wedding is the bride’s dress. At SPOTS, we take our extensive experiencing with high end formal wear and apply those practices to wedding gown cleaning and bridal wear. From the very delicate beading, trim, and embellishments, to the fabric itself, we will ensure that your wedding gown and entire bridal party attire is pristine for years to come.


Wedding Gown Preservation

Your wedding day is an important milestone filled with love and precious emotions, made more memorable by the preservation of your dress. Our wedding gown preservation is backed by our exceptional wedding gown specialists, who take great care to preserve your gown, down to every thread and bead. Once we have thoroughly preserved your wedding gown to immaculate condition, we hand-pack it in museum-quality preservation boxes, wrapped with cotton dust covers and secured with ribbons for storage.