Certain events, though they are fleeting, stand out in a person’s life. Weddings, anniversaries, and other important milestones may come and go, but the couture clothing you wear to such black-tie celebrations stays with you—if you know how to take care of it. Even if you only wear an item once, you still want to hang on to the memories you’ve created, and properly cleaning and preserving your valuable and cherished pieces will allow you to keep reliving your favorite moments again and again. Some simple couture clothing items may be washable at home, but because home washing systems tend to be rough on clothes, we recommend letting a professional take care of it for you. Several benefits of dry cleaning and professional preservation will keep your formal wear and your memories spotless and vivid for decades.

Here’s why you should dry clean your formal wear:

Keep the Color, Lose the Stain

No matter the shade, dry cleaning your gowns and suits will ensure that the color doesn’t fade during stain removal. Water not only damages the structure of certain fabrics, but it also doesn’t do much to get rid of stains from sweat, makeup, food, or drink. Dry cleaners use special fluids that don’t affect the look or feel of fabric and thus remove the stain without taking away any of the color or structure. This advantage is thanks in part to the equipment that they use to clean your clothes.

Professional Equipment

Clothing preservation and cleaning professionals use specialty equipment that is not practical to keep in your home. The machines that dry cleaners use allow for the complete inspection and treatment of your valued items without the wear and tear of home washing machines and dryers. Because dry cleaners do not use water, but rather an eco-friendly solvent to remove stains and dirt, you also won’t risk staining your clothing with discolored or hard water. The steam presses that dry cleaners use are also much more effective at fighting creases and wrinkles than the iron you have at home.

Expert Knowledge

Every single type of fabric has a specific process for proper care. Having the experts at your favorite dry cleaner handle your precious memories will ensure that irreparable mistakes don’t happen. Dry cleaners are also experienced in restoring fabric to its original beauty, which is a must for vintage pieces and family heirlooms that you want to pass down to your children and grandchildren. If you don’t have the knowledge to clean your most important clothes safely, why take a chance? Let the experts handle it.

Formal wear and couture garments like wedding gowns and tuxedos are an investment, not only in functional fashion but in lasting memory creation, as well, so why not protect your investment with proper cleaning care? Just because you wear it once doesn’t mean it isn’t a part of your daily memories. Let SPOTS Cleaners help you keep your important milestone clothing couture beautiful and intact.